Annual General Meeting on Site at Turratots

    Monday 12th September, 2016 all enrolled families welcome

    7pm for a 7.30pm start

    Playground Update

    Refurbishment of the playground is expected to commence around 19th September, 2016. Thank you to all our families for their generous support and donations at the Bunnings BBQ and cake stall, for the purchase of items through the toy catalogues and Entertainment Books and comments / feedback in relation to the playground design. We also thank the Turratots children for helping with the design of the playground.

    What Does TurraTots Offer?

    OPENING HOURS: 8.30am – 3.30pm Monday to Friday

    TurraTots provides a combination of regular and ‘take a break/ casual ‘ bookings, for children from six weeks to six years of age (not yet attending school) to meet the needs of families when they are at work,  attend appointments, study, take care of personal matters or just relax.

    All new children to the Centre participate in a SETTLING process that starts with one hour and increases as your child ‘settles’ into the Turratots Routine and establishes relationships with their educators.  This may take up to six weeks and depends upon the child’s and families needs. To provide a high level of care during this time, we settle one child at a time when vacancies become available in each room.

    We are licensed for 36 places per day which is divided into Regular Bookings and Casual Bookings. 

    Children are cared for in a safe and stimulating environment. Our staff are qualified and experienced, and believe each child is unique and to be valued.

    Babies Nursery Room – 8 children per day aged 0-2yrs

    Toddlers – 12 children per day aged 2-3yrs

    Preschool – 16 children per day aged 3-5yrs

    The Centre is open during NSW public school holidays, excluding the Christmas–New Year break.

    Turratots is closed on Public Holidays and for most of January.

    We welcome all families in the community to TurraTots.


    All parents are invited to join Kinderloop to view photos and observations of their child/ren when they attend Turratots. To find out more information, click on the link below.


    Fundraising with Entertainment Books

    20% of every Membership Sold contributes to supporting our Fundraising- all proceeds  in 2016 will go towards the upgrade of our playground.

    Purchase your Entertainment Book  via the link below


    Warm & Caring
    Occasional Care

    Through our dedicated and marvellous staff, we provide excellent care for your children.

    Fun Learning Environment

    Children are able to enjoy and experience learning in a stimulating and fun environment.

    Indoor &
    Outdoor Play

    We have many varied indoor activities for your child and the playground outside lets the children use up a bit more energy.


    Healthy & Vibrant

    We ensure each child is treated as an individual and is given opportunities to learn in these very formative years.




    Your child will be enriched through the many play facilities we have available.





    This can be a great time of bonding and sharing when friendships are made from an early age.

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    'I'm so thrilled to have put my Jane
    into this wonderful learning
    environment.' - Marlena Hampshire

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    Winter has arrived so please pack a beanie and jacket

    Please ensure your children have appropriate clothing including a change of clothes

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